When was your lightbulb moment?

My lightbulb moment was approximately 10 months ago. I had not been participating in any exercise regime for a few months and my eating patterns had gotten out of hand. My self-esteem and self-love had plummeted. I was not overweight but I had put on significant weight for me and my efforts to self-motivate were floundering. So I chose a drastic diet and weight loss program. The program was strict and tough and was not sustainable. I met the weight loss goal but I was unable to maintain the results. My self-esteem and motivation started to plummet again so I made the decision to take control early and sign up for Jordan’s 12 week transformation program.
What also made me realise I needed to do something fast was because I was suffering from almost daily back pain. Back pain has been a battle of mine since I fractured by back at age 17 in a motorbike accident. I have always been able to maintain by back health however the lack of abdominal work that my previous program provided was poor and I was suffering from almost daily back pain and on a few occasions back spasms that prevented me from being able to work.

What was your health and fitness regime before seeing Jordan?

I was going to the gym once to twice a week for group classes, prior to this I had been participating in HIIT style training 5 times a week and I was exhausted and bored. My diet had also taken a huge back step. During my weight loss challenge I had deprived myself of all carbs, sugar and even good fats- no avocado or nuts, and I have to admit I binged after the program ended. I knew I needed to find a new and sustainable approach to food and exercise that would keep me interested and motivated. 

What changes have you noticed within yourself since completing the 12 week challenge?

I have noticed that I’m excited to exercise again. I travel approximately 30-45 minutes for my sessions with Jordan. However, this doesn’t bother me because I always walk away knowing I’ve achieved something (even if he does annoy me when I end up doing more reps because he doesn’t count properly, haha)
My core stability and strength has improved dramatically. My back pain and posture in turn has significantly improved- something my chiropractor has noticed.
More importantly I have re built my self-confidence again and I am happy about my body.

Biggest thing you’ve learnt?

That diet and fitness is all about balance. Jordan has taught me that I can experiment and have fun with meals and that there are healthy, tasty recipe ideas out there. I’ve really enjoyed creating some delicious paleo meals that even my partner and family have enjoyed.
He also helped me achieve a healthy balance, I have had my treats here and there and I haven’t been made to feel guilty. It has given me the balance I need so I don’t resolve to binge eating junk food!

Health and fitness goals for the rest of 2017?

I plan to continue to work on my running times. Whilst training with Jordan I have been working on a 4km time trial and I want to continue to work on improving my time and lengthen the distance I’m able to run.
Finally complete at least one unassisted pull up- very close to that goal.
Overall I just want to continue my body transformation journey. Continue to take photos and work towards a leaner, fitter and happier self.

Advice to someone wanting to train with Jordan?

Take the leap, you won’t regret it. I think what I have enjoyed the most is having a close relationship one on one with my trainer. Jordan was able to tell when I was tired, or flat in mood and know how to get you to push through. He was overall a great support person to me over the last 12 weeks and helped me get through bumps in the road along the way. You won’t get that with most gym memberships.

Total weight loss and goals you've achieved?

  • Weight loss: 3.5kgs
  • Centimeters off my waist: 10cm
  • Centimeters off my hips: 2cm
  • Centimeters off my legs: 6cm
  • Wiping 3mins off my 4km run time.
  • Reduced back pain and overall improved strength and movement