When was your light bulb moment?

As an electrical lineworker, I have a very physical job that entails 18hr days and a lot of late nights. I found myself stuck in a nasty cycle of working hard, drinking heavy and not having time for a whole lot of exercise!
I'd come home at 3am, battered and bruised and feeling crap from doing heavy work, eating junk and from smoking way too many cigarettes..
I was even starting to miss work due to severe back pain and now a beer gut was beginning develop - something had to be done! 

What was your health and fitness regime before seeing Jordan.

I walked regularly, cycled a couple of times of week and only ate healthy at home.. My back pain was limiting me from doing any further exercise, and I was beginning to accept that! I'd much rather have a beer to numb the pain than to try do anything about it! 

What changes in yourself have you noticed since completing the 12wk challenge?

Where do I start!?!
- No more beer gut!
- Increased energy levels!
- Increased core strength!
- No more back pain!
- Feel so much better!
- New eating habits!
- Hugely motivated!

What is the biggest thing you have learned?

That it's not hard to make changes! I now know how to eat, exercise and rest correctly - and I feel a healthier and happier person for it!

Health and fitness goals for 2017?

To continue with my new healthy lifestyle, stay off the cigarettes - and hopefully compete in the half marathon later in the year!

Advice to someone wanting to train with Jordan.

It was reading other peoples stories and seeing their 'before and after' photo's that got me motivated enough to go and have a chat with Jordan. I'm so glad I did! It was one of the best decisions that I have ever made!
If you want a professional, passionate and enthusiastic trainer who will guarantee to get the best out of you and the get you the best results possible- then sign up!
Take it from me, you won't be disappointed!!