When was your light bulb moment?

In February I began to feel the effects of Plantar Fasciitis and became restricted in what exercises I could actually do.

In hindsight I used this as an excuse to not exercise and gradually started to feel more and more sluggish, plus my clothes definitely didn’t fit as well as they once did!

I knew I needed some motivation and should also try something new.

What was your health and fitness regime before seeing Jordan?

Due to the Fasciitis I was really only doing some upper body weights a few times a week, with no cardio. In addition I always tried to maintain a decent diet.

What changes in yourself have you noticed since completing the 12-week challenge?

  • Overall body strength

  • Understanding what a ‘healthy diet’ actually consists of

  • Eating habits and overall food preparation

  • Body shape (size and skin-folds)

  • Increased energy levels

Biggest thing you’ve learnt?

DIET DIET DIET – I always thought I knew what a healthy diet was, but Jordan has made me understand that A, I didn’t, and B. I had to make some major changes or otherwise the weight would eventually pile on!

Also, increasing the strength in my glutes/thighs/hammies has transcended into increased strength in my core and upper body.

I have also learnt  the importance of balance in our lives – though I will never stop enjoying a few beers on the weekend, the omelette and a 20 min walk the day after is a much better recovery option than Maccas on the couch!

Health & fitness goals for the rest of 2016?

The main goal is to maintain the exercise/eating habits that have become part of my routine since starting the 12-Week Challenge with Jordan (this includes 6am training sessions!).

As the Fasciitis improves I’m also hoping to be able to participate in Boot Camps again, on the back of the improved fitness levels thanks to Jordan.

What would you advise to someone wanting to train with Jordan?

I believe that we all need to invest in ourselves, though unfortunately not enough people actually do.

By making the decision to train with Jordan, this is exactly what you’re doing – investing in yourself.

You will learn so much about nutrition and get more out of your body than you ever thought you could. Jordan’s enthusiasm and energy is so contagious and encourages you to dig deep, even when you really just want to throw the kettle-bell at his head!

The 12-Week Challenge has been worth all the time, money and early morning alarms…