When was your lightbulb moment?

When I finally stepped on the scales and I saw 89.9kgs displayed. It was a big wake up call for me. I hadn't realised I had gradually gained so much weight over the years.

What was your health and fitness regime before seeing Jordan?

My day to day life consisted of working 40 hours a week in an office not really moving around during the day. I wouldn't find time to exercise after work and my meals consisted of quick meals that were not necessarily nutritious. 

What changes have you noticed within yourself since completing the 12 week challenge?

The main thing I have noticed is that my overall outlook on life is now much more positive. I am happier then I have ever been before. I am proud of my hard work and am no longer self conscious about the way I look. I am comfortable in my own skin which for me is a big achievement. 

Biggest thing you’ve learnt?

The biggest thing I have learnt is the importance of goal setting.
By setting realistic goals I am able to work towards them and am no longer discouraged when I am unable to achieve unrealistic goals.

Health and fitness goals for the rest of 2016 and 2017?

I still have a little more weight to loose so I'll be working towards that. I would also like to work my on my strength. 

Advice to someone wanting to train with Jordan?

I had reservations about joining a personal trainer as I had always been self conscious when working out however Jordan has done nothing but be supportive and encouraging . He always makes the workouts fun and he is always therefor you when you need advise.
So just go for it. You have nothing to loose but everything to gain ! You won't regret it.

RESULTS: Total weight loss of 18kgs