When was your light bulb moment.

I realised I really needed to lose weight ( I had been avoiding being in photos or weighing myself) when my GP weighed me and I weighed more than when I as 9 months pregnant. At about the same time I put on a top that had always been very loose on me and i couldn’t get it over my hips. I realised that Jordan’s program worked for me after I lost 6 kgms in the first month. He told me at my first session that if I followed his programme in terms of nutrition and saw him at the gym 2 x per week I would achieve great results and although I was sceptical at first he was 100% right.

Health and fitness regime before seeing Jordan.

I used to follow a weight watchers program - so I counted “points” all day. I spent all day working out how much food I could eat without going over the points limit. Weight watchers allowed all foods so I was still eating a fair bit of sugar and carbs. I used to walk 3-4 times per week - about 20 kms per week.

Changes in yourself.

It’s hard to adequately describe all the changes in myself since training with Jordan. Firstly I have lost 16 kgms in 4 1/2 months. My diet has changed completely - I eat healthy unprocessed foods, no sugar no bread, pasta, rice. Still enjoy a wine ! I don’t have to count food points anymore which is an amazing relief. I don’t buy every magazine with a “ miracle diet” article in it.The pain in my knees ( which I had thought was age related ) has disappeared completelyI am more confident, feel so much fitter and healthier, and finally I am not the one always taking the photo - I am happy to be in the photo now.

Biggest thing you’ve learnt.

I think the number one thing I have learnt is about nutrition and how easy it is to be a healthy eater. I’ve also learnt that I am not too old to train in a gym and that I am more capable of achieving training results than I ever thought I could be. Losing weight has been life changing for me - I am much more confident and happy to give things a go.

Goals for 2016.

My ongoing goals are to lose another 5 kgms , be able to run 5kms without stopping and to tone up and become even stronger. To keep feeling happy and proud of myself.

Advice to someone wanting to train with Jordan.

I cannot recommend Jordan highly enough. He is an enthusiastic, and very motivating trainer He is tough and won’t accept excuses but somehow still manages to make the sessions fun ( I can’t believe I am saying that) He is genuinely thrilled when you achieve goals and that gives you great encouragement to keep going. If you are thinking about training with Jordan - then you definitely should. You won’t regret it