1). When was your lightbulb moment

When I really started to think what my goal was when I was training in the gym everyday. I was just usually doing the normal light weights, non complicated exercises that was just keeping me looking 'normal', I had no real goal. I've always been in awe of the women who compete in body building I felt that I could get up on stage at one point in my life. Thats when I went searching for help.

2). What was your health and fitness regime like before you started training with Jordan.

I used to be a long distance Half Marathon Runner, running in fun runs and the Melb Half Mara in 2014. i was doing a couple a few days in the gym post running and that was about it. I felt fit, not strong though. 

3). What changes have you seen in yourself since training with Jordan

I've definitely seen physical changes. Watching my body change and also others around me seeing the changes has been so motivating to making me keep wanting to do better. I've definitely gotten a lot stronger and gained a lot more knowledge about exercises and why I am doing them. 

4). What has been the biggest thing you’ve learnt thus far

I've learnt that hard work does pay off and you can only blame yourself for the damages you do to your body. You have complete control over your body, its just up to you to nourish it and look after it. 

5) How has losing weight changed your life

I've put on 2kg of muscle but have still stayed toned. Watching this slowly happen has made me work harder towards my goals

6) What are your goal for 2016

Goals, defiantly to compete in a few INBA competitions. Ill see how my body shreds down, but hopefully competing in Figure or Bikini fitness. 

7) What advice would you give to someone wanting to train with Jordan? 


Have fun with it, he is so amazing to work with. Have a goal and he will 100% help you work towards it with your training and nutrition. Not only do I have a trainer, but an awesome friend as well.