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Matthew comes from the North of the UK and after having a 5 year stop off in New Zealand he now resides in Melbourne.


It is from a strong rugby background where Matt discovered his passion for GYM based fitness. Once qualified as a PT he quickly fell in love with helping people to better their lives, both within and outside of a gym setting. This is demonstrated session after session by his varied, challenging and fun workout style. Matt has had a great deal of success with clients seeking weight loss, whilst helping them achieve that toned, strong look and feel.


He also loves to implement sport specific training to assist sports people in reaching the next level of their performance whilst increasing longevity of their sporting career. 


Outside of PT Matthew enjoys watching sport, listening to podcasts, Netflix and drinking coffee. Matt is also into cooking and looking for suggestions for new things to listen to, new series he can get into and recipes to try out. 


When he trains himself, Matt will always be looking for a challenge! From Bodybuilding, reaching a new one rep max or seeing how far he can push himself. 


So, if there is a challenge you seek, be sure to let Matt know. 

Matthew Green 
Personal Trainer

Mobile: 0451 463 878