We all have our demons that we fight on an active battlefield inside the mind. This can affect our physical and emotional journey through life.  I have a realistic vision to minimise the affects of these battles with healthy + happy lifestyle habits

My journey started at 15 years old chasing a dream to become a professional AFL footballer.  Years of intense training and strict routine showed me what my body is capable of. I succeeded to play with North Melbourne Football Club. Due to injury and the poor performance that followed, my career was cut short at age 21. My self-esteem spiraled down from here. I have since developed the skills and positive attitude to overcome my self-disappointment through exercise and nutrition.

I don’t have all the answers but I am jumping out of my skin everyday working on it. I want people to join me on this journey to make a life and living from the benefits of this approach. We all have so much to offer and learn from each other

  • Develop and invest in skills for the mind and body to live a positive life.
  • Change the way you look and feel about YOUR world.
  • Build strength and confidence.
  • Clear the mind – Become resilient, be in touch with your own expectations.
  • Learn to push your body to a point you never thought you can.
  • Learn about low carboydrate/high fat nutrition to keep taste in your life while getting and staying athletic and lean.

You can be the best footballer, you can be the best lawyer, you can be the best parent but to look, feel and think the best is to be a Life Athlete.

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