Ed is a delighted father and he is passionate about inspiring others. He is a Sport Scientist by trade and an eager researcher at heart, he is a curious person and tries to look at things from different perspectives.

He has worked in the health and fitness industry for over a decade helping people from a variety of fitness backgrounds, including professional athletes, the elderly, the injured and movement enthusiasts, just to mention a few.

His approach ranges from functional training to situational movement. You may work with your own body weight, a partner, free weights and abstract tools. When designing your session he taps into his experience in Sports and Exercise Science, Crossfit, MovNat, Ido Portal method, Gymnastic Strength Training, Fighting Monkey and Vegetative Training.

He believes that we can learn way more than exercises through physical training. Moving our body is life experience in itself. Through the movement of our body we can look at living in its entire meaning, if we choose to.

Ed specialises in individual and interactive training. He sees individual work as important as the interactive one, in order to grasp what motion can endeavour. The former allows us to cultivate qualities such as listening and observation, while the latter gives us the opportunity to perform and assess. He considers listening, observing, performing and assessing as four key points for a meaningful development.

Ed will guide you in your very own movement journey. You will experience movement situations crafted around your needs in order to grow and refine long lasting qualities. Performing, in a game and in life, is the result of complex interactions and Ed’s mission is to help you find and refine tools to deal with such complexity.

  • Develop athleticism, boosting elastic power

  • Build a resilient body through structural integrity and a greater joint communication

  • Promote practical mobility, skillfully blending flexibility and strength

  • Achieve functional aesthetics through natural movements

  • Handle stress, cultivating your perception and stimulating the process of change

So if you are looking for a trainer that can challenge you in new and different ways, developing change not just in your body’s performance but also in how you think, enriching your entire life for the better, then Ed is the guy for you!

Mobile : 0481110113

Email: eduardosaccocaprotti@gmail.com

Web: eduardosaccocaprotti.com