It can be difficult to find the right balance when tackling your fitness goals to try and find the new you. But keeping organised and maintaining a systematic approach is important. 

The simple balance of 70% nutrition, 20 % exercise and 10% rest is a fantastic way to ensure you find balance in your regime to ensure you reach optimal fitness results.

I know with my own health and fitness journey, I always struggled with energy, suffering chronic fatigue syndrome and found it very hard to exercise at an intense level. I also struggled with gaining weight, which in most cases people will struggle to lose. With most of my clients coming to me because they're struggling with finding the results they have set out for, I apply a simple but effective systematic approach to cover all fitness goal bases. 

The simple lifestyle balance model of 70 % nutrition 20 % exercise and 10 % rest, will ensure you're planned, organised and have a systematic strategy so you hit the ground running on commencing your health and fitness goals.

70 - 20 - 10 Lifestyle Balance

70% Nutrition: 

All people know that you are what you eat. But people underestimate the damage you can actually do in a short amount of time and the bad habits you can get into without even knowing what you are really doing. Nutrition is the most important part in gaining better health, it's the sole thing that got me out of chronic fatigue. If this isn't corrected and you don't structure your meals suited to your goals you will underachieve your desired goals. Human behaviour is a funny thing, we tend to delve into the way we feel and into our emotions to comfort ourselves at any given time, whether it's due to stress from hassles in life or just not caring and actually appreciating what we should be fueling our body with. 
People find excuses like "I don't have time". Organisation is always key, especially when it comes to meal preparation. Find time in your day, it may only take a few hours of shopping, preparing and cooking but that time will allow you to set aside meals for a whole week. It will also stop you from resorting to junk food.  It will also help you keep track of consumption so that you don't over indulge. Track the time of consumption for each meal and how much you have consumed along with how you feel, because most crucially, how we feel is what's important. 

20% Exercise: 

It's important to have the appropriate exercise program planned for your needs and goals. 
Make sure your program has balance so you tackle structural imbalances  whilst still moving towards the goals you have set out. AND always incorporate cardio for good health, you may find it uncomfortable to elevate your heart and breathing rate but I cannot stress enough how important it is for physical/ psychological health and also those visual results your looking for. 

10% Rest:

Rest is something people do not get enough of and/or too much of. There's rarely that happy medium. 
Ensure sleep is around 8 hours per night and DON'T USE ELECTRONIC MEDIA before bed. It will hinder your biological clock and which will affect your sleep pressure. Sleep pressure is a combination of a drop in body temperature and a rise in melatonin levels, this occurs generally at night when we are biologically supposed to sleep. This can be ruined due from the output of light from your phone or TV for example (as we are supposed to wake when the sun comes up) and your sleep quality and depth will be poor, making you more fatigued. This then may affect the motivation to want to exercise or the quality of our exercise and also the type of foods we want to consume. Grab a book or magazine before bed and notice how sleepy you can get, and see the quality of sleep you'll attain. 

Every component of 70 20 10 has a huge importance and I know myself from my own experiences and my clients experiences that when this model is met consistently, you'll find amazing results and you'll see yourself transform in a positive way, mentally and physically.



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