The lighter and healthier with Jordan 12 week transformation challenge not only focuses on aiming to drop body fat percentage in the individual and create a visually better you but challenges the individual to take their training and nutrition and overall lifestyle to the next level.

My aim is simple: to change unhealthy behaviours and improve the individuals health once and for all. The challenge is no quick fix. The challenge is a learning curve. Ill teach holistic lifestyle measures to ensure the improvement in the individuals health and well being. No matter the hurdle, whether it's age, weight, health issues there are no limits and no excuses. The 12 weeks gives the ultimate chance to become the best version of yourself and truly live a more energised life and find a more confident you once and for all. The visual results take care of themselves. 

The first challenge has had amazing success with everyone getting incredible results! Super proud of how everyone took what they learnt on board, applied it and truly created behavioural change. It's super evident how hard you guys have worked through the improvements in not only your weight and visual results but how much stronger, brighter, more confident you guys look and feel and the happiness you guys have now! 

For the challenge their are 2 joint winners in which they have got incredible results from their overall lifestyle change and weightloss figures. They have also scored some awesome prizes for their achievements.

Congratulations to Dee with a 14kg loss and Cathy 12 kg loss in 12 weeks. Here are their success stories! 

The next lighter and healthier 12 week transformation challenge will be coming soon! Be sure to contact Jordan to find out details and to get a start on your health and fitness goals today!

Tel: 0447778367