As a physiotherapist I get asked many questions from my patients; some helpful, some not so much. Here are four helpful questions to ask your Physiotherapist so you have an active approach in your rehabilitation and drive a positive outcome.

1)   What can I do extra that will help or speed up my recovery?

You are a much better chance to recover optimally if you are actively involved in your rehabilitation program. That is doing your prescribed exercises, following protocol and doing the extra little things such as ice or heat therapy or even hydrotherapy. Passive treatments (massage, hands on physio etc.) alone will only get you so far.

2)   How many treatment sessions are required to recovery optimally from my injury?

This is a very important question. Elite athletes (AFL, Olympians etc.) receive physiotherapy daily, even twice daily when recovering from an injury. This however, for the every day person, is not quite possible.

Your physio should set out the optimal treatments required to ensure a timely and full recovery. If this doesn’t quite suit your situation due to time restraints, family commitments or finances, discuss this with your physio to find a happy medium.

3)   How long will it take until I am better?

Your physiotherapist should be able to give you an estimated time frame for your recovery. From this, a clear roadmap can be outlined to get you back to full function and achieve your goals.

4)   What can I do in the future to prevent a reoccurrence of this injury?

Once your pain subsides you should not just forget you were ever injured or in pain. Your physio should implement a maintenance program for you to continue once you have recovered.




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