Have you ever wondered why you get back pain?? Or pain in the knee, hip, ankle or even headaches! Are you physically active person, training most days of the week and still  experience one of theses pains. You may pay countless dollars to Chiropractors, Physical Therapists and other medical doctors and still the problem isn’t solved. The next day you wake up in pain and you are back to square one. Have you ever thought why this happens?

It is our culture! It does not support our physical structure. We are taking chronic and repetitive breakdown patterns that lead to pain. I bet most of you have a job that requires you to sit at a desk for long periods of time, hunched over and putting stress on your joints. This wear and tear leads to the degenerative process of back pain, knee pain as well as other debilitating issues. These limited movement patterns are so different to our ancestors and it is  these movements that are the problem not the pain.

We live in a compartmentalised world, which does not support our physical structure of how we are designed.  This is why we need specialists for knee pain, podiatrists for foot pain, physiotherapists for back pain and so on.  We are not ROBOTS! We don’t move as a collection of parts, we are an integrated unit, a system within systems, moving our body as a whole rather than in isolation. And what we tend to do is to treat the symptom and not the cause.  We can then fall into using chemical substances like Valium to suppress the signal that stops the body from recognizing what is actually happening.

Back pain is the most common of pains and I guarantee if you are reading this you have or you know someone who will experience it throughout their life. People that are not only in office jobs but even people that exercise still manage to get hurt. Now that doesn’t make sense. I think if we focused on self-care as much as our ‘health care’ we would be making our lives a lot easier. It goes to show that it is just not enough to compensate for all the sitting and hours of poor posture. If you look at “Esther Gokhale” who is a back expert, her studies of movements of different cultures has shown that there is a small percentage of pain in countries such as African Villages. Do you think they have a local chiropractor down the road or any similar medical practitioners like we do?

Our fast growing society has forgot how to move in the way we are designed. When you become more in tune with your body you are able to recognize symptoms which  assists with a quick remedy. If you address the root causes, the dysfunctional movement patterns you will fix the problem. You will improve your quality of life through movement because I know it is possible. I’m an instructor of “Foundation Training” which are a series of effective postural exercises focusing on strengthening the posterior chain through anchoring and decompression breathing. It sounds difficult but it is rather simple. The simple exercises are usually the most effective, for some reason I see people in the gym coming up with all these complex movements that are just poor. Stop it and look up Eric Goodman he changed my whole perspective and understanding of human movement. Don’t live life with chronic pain when you can do a lot more for yourself. Embrace it rather than use it as an excuse.