I have always had a passion to help people, and a person’s health is the greatest asset they have.

I love working with pregnant women and new mums. Exercising during this time has amazing benefits, I love breaking through the myths and fears of exercising during pregnancy, to see the benefits that exercise and general movement has for both mother and baby.

I love working with beginners, people who have never exercised in their life, or have been too afraid to step into a gym.I am all about increasing confidence, I believe that confidence in all parts of life stems from within. If you feel good about yourself, that feeling carry’s on to the others around you.

Exercise is not just about fitting into your clothes better, it is about feeling better in your own skin. Its about improving your flexibility so that you can move better and are less prone to the aches and pains that come from our now mostly sedentary life. For new mums exercise also means that you are getting out of the house, moving in a way that helps to restore and repair the body, and catching up for a chat too!

Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do. It should challenge you, it should test you, but most of all it should be enjoyable.

  • Qualifications - Diploma of Fitness
  • Certified Pregnancy and Post Natal Exercise Professional
  • Certified Boxing for Fitness Instructor
  • Metafit Coach
  • Currently studying - Bachelor in Health Science (Nutritional Medicine)

Mob: 0417916837
Email: nikki@ascotfitness.com.au